Sunday, September 29, 2013

Embrace the crazy

Have you ever been called crazy? If so, then you are doing it right.

The definition of crazy is a little fuzzy. Or at least it is in my mind. Crazy is making the people around you a little uncomfortable. It is being on the receiving end of strange looks & stupid jokes. Mostly, crazy is doing what you want – just because.

I’m not talking about being ape shit crazy as in everyone gets quiet when you walk in a room. That is a whole new level of crazy, which has its place, just not here.

I’m talking about wearing weird socks to work (if they don’t match your outfit – even better) & wearing crazy hats to weddings. I’m talking about jumping up & down because you are going to the pumpkin patch (turkey legs!!). And having pictures on the fridge that you colored yourself. Trying a new hobby just because it looks interesting. Squealing like a 5 year old because ‘that is the Cutest Dog Ever!’ This is the type of crazy that makes life worth living.

Take these, add in a healthy dose of unreasonable enthusiasm, & the result is often strange looks or head shaking. One point, crazy person. Two points if they back away slowly.

If that isn’t enough, consider the following:
If the little things don’t thrill you, eventually the big ones won’t either. And little things tend to be less expensive.

Being crazy is good for your health. Daily practice of happiness keeps stress levels down & mental burnout at bay. The fun can last for hours & the good feelings even longer.

Being crazy is good for the people around you. It helps avoid complacency & keeps relationships lively. Mild doses of – She is doing what!? – keeps hearts strong. And, again, it is gobs of fun. Public service you can enjoy. Another point, crazy person.

Life is too short to not be crazy. If you take the time to see it, crazy is everywhere. So, skew your view & go be a little crazy today.

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  1. Agreed, it's the little things that make up the big picture. And the hubs and I always say at least we have cheap entertainment in each other. In fact, last night we were up until well after 1, being just stupid crazy. (Singing songs and saying things just to get a laugh out of the other) And then, just as we were all settled in for the night, little man decided it was his turn to be our free entertainment for a bit. Yes, it sucks that we all didn't get much sleep, but at least we had our INsanity to keep us happy about it! :) And your colored pics on the fridge, reminds me of our honeymoon. We had a long flight, so I packed my 64 pack of crayolas and some random unknown character coloring books in my carry on. Several times throughout the flight, I'd color a character like someone we know, and then we'd play a game of "Who does this look like?" We were rolling. And I'm CERTAIN eyes were rolling at us too, but it was a crazy fun time!! :) I think since little man was born, we have been so busy raising a kid, that we often forget to be one. This is going on my to-do list ASAP!! THANKS!! :)