Sunday, March 2, 2014

Well. That didn’t work.

So, as my last post indicated, at the end of January I found a new job, moved to our new home in MO, and wrapped up multiple loose ends in NE.

I was there a week and realized: This is NOT going to work. Within 1 week at my new employer I determined that I was not going to be a good fit within their corporate culture. I actually went backward in some respects. And when I say 1 week, really it was 3 days. I believe we all have an inner voice – a gut feeling. Whether we listen or not is the question. Mine was hollering so loudly, there was no ignoring it.
This isn’t an attack on the company, it is an acknowledgement of different priorities. And with that, I leave discussion of my employer behind.

What to do? As I mentioned previously, I (we) are very fortunate. I actually have the luxury to not stay in a job I don’t like. So I didn’t. I contacted my previous employer, was accepted back, and came home.

I could be really embarrassed, I could be terribly depressed that it didn’t work out, I could be angry at the circumstances. I will admit to fleeting moments of all 3. But none of those serve any purpose. Those reactions completely ignore that I tried. I took the leap to quit my job & move away. And that I when I got there, I was self aware enough to recognize a poor fit.

I am not totally blasé faire about this. James & I discussed our options long and hard before I quit & after I got home. And I have had immense moments of doubt – did we rush it? Did I take the job, ignoring signs, just so I could say we went? Can we even do this? These doubts helped me reaffirm our goals to 1) become (more) self sufficient and 2) exit the workforce sooner than later. I do think I may have lost sight of these very important goals as I rushed to Make Change! But, I learned lessons. And I am recommitted to living in a sustainable manner.

We decided that we will rent out the MO house & stay put for approx. the next 5 years. Then, when we are ready, we can move and (remembering our goals) not need jobs that require at least 40 hrs. a week.. or even 20.

There is nothing like a crisis to refocus your attention. So how about some raised beds & an attempt to only eat vegetables that we grow ourselves for the next year? Yep, sounds like we have refocused!


  1. Hang in there and keep taking those risks!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I will absolutely keep trying things! I learned some valuable life lessons through this, things that will help me to keep moving forward.

  2. Ok, so will you clue me in as to when and what you'll be planting then? I GOTTA get a real honest to goodness garden going this year, but with Spring not here yet, I feel my time frame will be short and the window of doing so will close without getting it done. So...if you're willing, I'd happily take ANY words of wisdom for starting this up this year!! :)

    1. Oh yeah baby! We planted seeds the other day - but for your first year I recommend starting with plants. No worries, I will help.
      If you want "early" plants like radishes, peas, lettuce - plan to have the garden ready around 4/15.. or pots. Most everything else like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash go out around 5/15.